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Latest Update Release Date

Saturday January 23, 2021

Version 2.0.47

A hotfix was released on 1/30/2021 at 7AM.  This hotfix addresses an issue with scanning where only one page was being saved.   Please update your PC's to this latest version.  CHS Hosted users have already been updated.

New Feature Training


  Watch the video below to learn how to update UnifiMD



Read ALL of the following warnings before installing UnifiMD updates.  If you are not comfortable installing updates, please reach out to CHS Support for assistance.
  1. Always run a full backup prior to running an update
  2. Be sure that all users are logged out of UnifiMD
  3. Once you update a single PC, you must update all PC's before logging in.
  4. Be sure that you update your server(s).  The server is often forgotten and will likely result in interfaces not working.
  5. If you are not able to perform steps 1-4, Instruct your staff to say No to the update prompt
  6. Educate your staff.  Make sure they know what to do when they see the update prompt.
  7. Pay attention to emails and CHS Alerts for upcoming update announcements
  8. Consider having your IT Staff install updates and restrict your access to do so.

UnifiMD information