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Password Policy Update on 11/10/2023

Beginning Friday 11/10/2023 The required number of characters in your CHS Hosted password will be increased from 10 to 12. After that date, the next time you are prompted to change your Hosted password, your new password must be at least 12 characters long.

TSPrint Update on 10/1/2023

On Sunday 10/1/2023 The TSPrint software on all Hosted Remote Desktop Servers will be updated from version to version While this is a minor version update, it is recommended that you update the TSPrint Client on your local computer where you use AccessPad. You may do this by typing or pasting in your local computer's web browser. If you have difficulty completing this, please contact your local IT vendor.

Security Policy Change Beginning Friday, September 8, 2023

  • In an effort to adhere more closely to NIST Standards, CHS Hosted has changed a security policy on 9/8/2023 that has reduced the time out for idle sessions.
  • This means that if you leave your CHS Hosted Remote Desktop open and do not interact (mouse movement, clicks, keystrokes) for 30 minutes, for safety and security reasons your session will be considered idle and will be signed out. Two minutes prior to this your Hosted screen should display:

  • Any programs, files or records that were open are closed and any unsaved data is lost.
  • After you have been signed out you should see:

We realize this may result in an inconvenience, but the safety and security of your patients and your organizations is one important reason we have taken this step. Our technical team has also conclusively linked software performance issues to unattended or abandoned sessions that in many cases are still running resource intensive processes.

*This does not apply to software within the Hosted Desktop - idle times for Lytec, UnifiMD and other programs are managed by your office manager or super-user