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4-28-20      1:30 p.m.

Surescripts - Potential Patient Safety Issue

eMDs Support Notification

Dear Valued Customer,

Title: Potential Patient Safety Issue (PPSI-1): Inaccurate Medication History (Surescripts Case #00839712)

Details: Surescripts has determined that some Medication History response messages sent between April 21 at 4:02 p.m. and April 22 at 6:45 p.m. E.T. contained inaccurate medication history data.

This issue has been resolved, and we are not aware of any harm to any patient, but we are taking this situation very seriously and treating it as a potential patient safety issue. No protected health information (PHI) was exposed.

This issue was caused by an update deployed by Surescripts that inadvertently caused the Master Patient Index to match the patient to multiple PBM Member IDs. As a result, incorrect medications were returned in the Medication History response messages. This issue did not impact Pharmacy Fill records.

Impact: This issue impacted all electronic health records (EHR) vendor users of Medication History Version 2017071 or v3.

Surescripts response: Immediately upon learning of the issue, Surescripts worked to resolve the issue. Surescripts is working to implement effective measures to eliminate any potential for this type of issue to occur in the future.

Any Prescriber who submitted a Medication History request or received a Medication History response for a patient visit on April 21 or 22 should submit a new Medication History request to replace the previous medication list.

Prescriber and practice staff should verify medication quantities and all other prescription information with their patients during the medication reconciliation process. As always, clinicians should use sound professional and clinical judgment in all clinical decision making.


eMDs Support