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Last Update: 2/1/18

There are no known issues with E-prescribing at this time, however, we have received word of pharmacy updates that could affect your practice.  Please see below and if you have any questions please contact us at

eMDs Support Notification

Dear Valued Customer,

As you may have heard recently, Walgreens has purchased a number of Rite-Aid pharmacies. It is believed that the work to address the closure or renaming of those pharmacies purchased will be done over the next months or even years.

What this means to you:
Surescripts has informed us that providers will still be able to transmit to the existing Rite-Aid pharmacies as long as they are still active in their system, with a valid NCPDP ID.
When a pharmacy transitions to Walgreens a new NCPDP ID will be created. You will receive these new pharmacy IDs in the nightly pharmacy download as they become available. We have been informed that in most cases only the NCPDP ID will be changed, the pharmacies names will be updated to Walgreens at a later date.

If a patient has one of the Rite-Aid pharmacies that has been purchased in their Patient Pharmacy list you'll need to add the new Walgreens pharmacy to that list when it transitions as these will not automatically update their preferred list.

Note that eMDs Support has identified an issue with the incremental pharmacy download process that prevents the update of these pharmacies and is working with eMDs Development to address the issue. While research is underway we have altered the process to pull a full pharmacy list each night to ensure our customers get the most recent changes from Surescripts. This may result in a longer pharmacy refresh process each night.

If you have any questions on the pharmacy update process please reach out to eMDs Support.

eMDs Support